Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Wintry Mornin’

Wintry Morning…
Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Donald E. Ward

When the sun is new and the snow is newly
fallen the air crisp and the ground untouched,
you know the earth is rejuvenating the grass
beneath and the air above while the bright
morning air chills as you take it in. The
white shiny untouched snow on the little
knolls above the hillside sparkling beneath
the ice drenched tree limbs. Then you see it
one, no two moving bobbing little white
puffs of fur. Could it be two early morning
snowy white rabbits playing a game as they
scamper across the sparkling white new fallen
snow making the first of the early morning
tracks across the backyard on the little
knolls at the top of the hillside leading
down to the river flats? Yes, it is two furry
white bunny rabbits the first to venture out on
this crisp bright sparkling chilly morning deep
in the winter, making tracks for the rest of
creation to follow…

Judith Ward Copyright 1997


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