Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Libya’s Prisoners of Hope

Today, I watch the news with baited breath as the Muslim countries of North Africa and the Persian Gulf deteriorate into protests and revolution. After living one year in Libya and being married to a Libyan scientist for well over 13 years and having written the book on the subject of Libyan life, politics, and Gadaffi, I believe my credentials speak for themselves.

I never thought in all of my life that I would live to see Gadaffi’s regime toppled but I wait with the rest of the world breathlessly hoping the Libyan people will be able to shake the evil that is Muammar Gadaffi off from their backs.

Because of a lack of time and space I will not go into the reasons I call Muammar Gadaffi evil, but you can read about some of his atrocities in my book A Way In The Wilderness And Streams In The Desert which chronicles life in Libya under the tyrannical hand of the evil Muammar Gadaffi.

The history of the Libyan people does not hold out a great deal of hope for them to overthrow this tyrant. They live in so much fear as he simply kills anyone who speaks out against him. I say that because Gadaffi himself is so well provided for financially with petro dollars and military equipment.

Additionally, he has around 400 loyalist mercenaries who guard him well because of those same “petro dollars” that finance their salaries. Those loyalist are as tyrannical and guilty of treason, murder, torture and greed as Gadaffi himself. I know these sound like horrendous allegations but I have chronicled what I have witnessed and you can be the judge for yourself after reading my book. I must warn you that you may not agree with my religious views but you cannot deny the events I witnessed, experienced, and discuss as I write about factual events that I experienced first hand.

I know that if we can support a regime change in Libya then Libyans could prosper under a form of government that is a free republic that respects the rule of law. Unfortunately, I am not sure the Libyan people can accomplish this toppling of Gadaffi’s tyrannical government without outside help since Gadaffi’s way of dealing with protesters is to simply mow them over killing the protesters as he did one of my own good friends. A friend I served supper to in my own home on more than one occasion before he went back to Libya in the early 1980’s to try to educate and inform his fellow Libyans on a “better form of government”, a free republic like he witnessed going to school in the United States. Gadaffi hung him in his parents front door and forced them to watch. Again, I have chronicled the details of this friend’s mission and his subsequent murder by Muammar Gadaffi in my book.

Which bequeaths another question and that is where will the help come from to fight against and topple a tyrant like Gadaffi? Some would say, “Well the United States, naturally.” The problem with that suggestion is that it is none of the United States business. The Libyan people want their own freedom and to rule themselves and I say a free republic can generate prosperity for the Libyan people which I believe would make much better neighbors worldwide causing prosperity not only for the Libyan people but any other countries, such as, the United States that would want to do business in Libya.

I see hope and a bright future for the Libyans if they can shake the tyrant of Muammar Gadaffi and his 400 loyalists off from their backs. I see a prosperous Libya where young people can plan their educations, futures, and businesses without a tyrants interference to conform to his dictates at his whims. Where they can prosper, but only if Gadaffi and his loyalists are removed and the Libyans are supported in their efforts to create their own free republican form of government and their own future if foreign governments can stay out of their country and their business.

Lastly, I hope a free prosperous Libya would mean a peaceful neighbor for Israel. My prayer is for peace and prosperity in Jerusalem and for Israel and throughout the region. I pray reason will prevail in this battle for a free Libya.

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