Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Update On Libya

This evening at 6PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) Reuters reported


that while thousands demonstrated in Benghazi, Libya, in the east against the tyrant Muammar Gadaffi’s government there was an appearance by Gadaffi himself in Tripoli:

The Libyan leader appeared in the early hours of Friday briefly at Green Square in the center of Tripoli, surrounded by crowds of supporters shouting “He is our leader!” and “We follow your path!.” Gaddafi did not speak.

Unfortunately, what the Reuters journalist failed to mention is that, just as Saddam Hussein the previous dictator in Iraq use to do, Gadaffi hires stunt doubles who periodically appear in public in Gadaffi’s place. The fact that the man who appeared to be Muammar Gadaffi did not speak makes me think Gadaffi himself is probably not even in Libya at this point.

Gadaffi knows the horrendous crimes he has committed against the Libyan people as far as pillaging and murdering them. I am sure he is terrified his own minions may even turn on him in order to secure his leadership position as they all know his power could be slipping away and there will be a fight for who will replace him.

I guarantee the crowds in Tripoli appeared to be supporters shouting “He is our leader!” and “We follow your path!” because they were “paid” to come out in Gadaffi’s support. Not only were they more than likely paid to come out to support him but were probably “pressed into service” by Gadaffi’s minions.

If the so called “supporters” did not show up at his minions behest they may be murdered. So I would urge anyone reading an article that alludes to “Gadaffi supporters” to read that article skeptically. Any place where the Libyan people appear to be supporting Gadaffi is probably a propaganda piece where Libyans would only participate because they are simply to “terrified” for their lives or the lives of their family members to refuse to do otherwise.

His minions probably went door to door in Tripoli and pressed whomever they desired into “support demonstration duty”. I personally know people who have been pressed into service for Gadaffi’s causes. I chronicle these events in my book A Way In The Wilderness And Streams In The Desert available at http://www.judithward.net by clicking the picture of the book on the home page or at http://www.amazon.com or your local bookseller.

I write this article to warn people who are following the Middle Eastern Freedom Movement to listen to the news with a skeptical ear. Things are not as they appear in the Middle East.

I admire the protesters who are laying down their lives pray the Lord grants Libya a truly benevolent leader but I believe Middle Eastern politics must be viewed with the safety and security of America’s most devoted Middle Eastern ally, Israel, at the forefront.


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