Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

More on Libya

In typical Muammar Gadaffi fashion to silence all opposition it is difficult to find any pictures of the protests coming out of Libya this morning. There was a report at Reuters indicating 84 people have been killed by Gadaffi and his minions but I could not find any pictures or video.

Gadaffi continues to mow over the young Libyan protesters like mowing over grass or sheep. The Libyan people have taken a stand and will pay for it with their blood. I will be shocked if there are any left standing when this is all over. If Gadaffi loses his stangle-hold I will be even more shocked. Unless the Libyan opposition is able to secure help from the outside world it is unclear how they will be able to overthrow Gadaffi’s regime. Unfortunately, it is not for the outside world to interfere. Although, if interference from the outside world would aid in securing Israels borders then I would agree the outside world should intervene.

You can read more about the challenges in trying to make a prosperous life under Gadaffi’s regime in my book A Way In The Wilderness And Streams In the Desert available on this website or at http://www.amazon.com

Please continue to join me in praying for peace in Jerusalem.

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