Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Mr. Obama, Please help the Libyan People!!!

This evening CNN played the following interview with a Libyan eyewitness to the massacre in Benghazi today. This eyewitness is very credible!!! I have embedded the interview in this article. Please Mr. Obama if you want to make a difference you have a chance by offering aid to the Libyan resistance against the tyrant Muammar Gadaffi. The Libyan people are a peaceful people who only want to build constructive lives peaceful lives like they would be allowed to do if they had the chance to live in a free country like America.

I know I lived with Libyans for over 13 years and have written a book about my experiences. I stand with them now only because I hope their desire for freedom if we should help them would supersede any nonsense to do away with our ally Israel. If we help them just maybe we could convince them to support Israel as well. they would be more likely to consider our wishes if we help them than if we ignore their please.

This is an opportunity to add another rail to the peace train and bring peace to the Middle East by throwing out the tyrant Muammar Gadaffi! This video interview speaks for itself and I speak for the Libyan people as I hope that if we help them they will be our friend in the region. This lends itself to our own national security. How can a people turn and kill the very hand that gives them help? I could be wrong but I believe it is worth the effort to try because these are a people who really do want freedom!!!

Mr. Obama your own roots go back to a region in Africa that was in dire straights please consider your own origins and help the Libyan people to survive by removing Muammar Gadaffi from his tyrannical stranglehold. Please Mr. Obama help the Libyan people to overthrow Gadaffi and his minions!!!

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