Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Hope Once Again for Libya

Please join me this evening in praying for the Libyan people. As I predicted Gadaffi had to leave Libya in order to stay alive and this evening, Sunday, February 20th, it is being reported by CNN that he and his son Saif Al Islam, have done exactly that and left Libya.

It will be interesting to see who takes over at the helm but my prayer is that with Gadaffi’s ouster there may now be an open door to allow Christians access to Libya where they can minister the Gospel to the Libyan people which was strictly forbidden under Gadaffi’s regime.

Never mind that the tyrant Muammar Gadaffi was not a practicing Muslim he still forbade Christians from ministering the Gospel in Libya. My prayer is that with a changing of the guard quite possibly now there could be an open door to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If this is the case it could mean a change of heart for Libyans towards Israel. It could mean Libyans could understand the free west,i.e., America supported their efforts for freedom and just maybe they will honor us by honoring our friends in the region, that is, our friend and ally Israel and Israel’s right to exist.

I look forward to what tomorrow brings and prayerfully we will see an open door to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Libya.


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