Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Yesterday, while conducting business I had the opportunity to visit with a Palestinian Muslim gentleman about events in the Middle East and North Africa.

Regarding Libya, he told me the Libyan people only want to rule themselves and have control over their own natural resources, i.e., oil, and that they are more than able to fight this battle for their freedom from Muammar Gadaffi’s regime without foreign assistance or foreign aid. He also said that is the case in Tunisia, Egypt and every other Muslim Arab state as well fighting for their freedom.

Being aware of the desire of the people of that region, I reminded him of the urgent immediate needs of the Libyan people that must be met if they are to wage any winnable defense against the current Libyan regime ruled by Muammar Gadaffi. And the fact that this man was born and raised in the area of Gaza I knew he would understand what I was about to tell him.

First, I reminded him, their unquestionably most important need is for clean drinking water, then food, shelter, and medicine, to sustain life to fight the battles. But, I reminded him, they also had to have their military equipment maintained with parts, trained mechanics, and they were going to need fuel and reimbursements of guns and ammo too. At this point he acknowledged that I knew what I was talking about. Then I questioned him again whether or not he thought the Libyan resistance could win this battle without foreign aid? He wanted to exuberantly say, “Oh yes!” but knew that I already knew better.

He let me know that the Libyans have no one they can trust. That was when I told him what I thought what I pray could happen for the Libyan resistance and I shared with him what I am going to share with you now.

I know the Libyan people of eastern Libya around Benghazi. I lived with them in Brega for one year spending a lot of time in Ajadabia and Benghazi. I know their burning desire to win their freedom and to self rule. I cover my experience in that region in the book A Way In The Wilderness And Streams in the Desert available from the publisher by clicking on the picture of the book on this website.

One of the Libyans main obstacles is they feel they cannot trust anyone from the west. Particularly, the British and Americans. They believe the United States CIA put Gadaffi in power in Libya and they believe the British gave the land they refer to as “Palestine” to the Jews who then created the nation of Israel out of it which they believe was stolen from the Palestinian people by the British and Americans.

I told this very honorable Palestinian Muslim businessman that he and I both are now here in America because we want one thing which is to have a peaceful prosperous future. We want to wake in the morning and not have to worry that there will be bombs going off in our neighborhoods. We want to work at our businesses, going to school, and raising our children peacefully that is whey he came to America and I came back home to America too. And he is very prosperous and living a peaceful life.

I also told him that if the Libyans could see that we Americans truly care about their self governance and their self rule and what is good for them to be good for us too then maybe they could trust again and in trusting maybe they would understand as this Palestinian businessman understands that no matter what has happened in the past regarding Israel becoming a nation Israel is not going away! They are not going to hand their country back over to the Palestinians. If the Libyans could see that we want what is good for them maybe they could come to accept Israel’s existance as a free nation and allow peace to rule in the Middle East once again.

Now in order for this to happen the Palestinian people would have to be given land to form their own nation. My suggestion is the land given to the Palestinian people not be land bordering Israel but land some place else. A good land where they can prosper if they choose to and rule themselves if they will put away terrorist activities and rule themselves peacefully and honorably amongst the nations of the world.

The Palestinian people have already left their own homeland willingly now living in places like the U.S. why not accept an offer of a good homeland away from the area of Israel? They are away from the area they claim is their homeland now why not start again in a new good land? That is exactly what many of them are doing anyway!

The businessman I talked with is an honorable businessman in the United States and said he thought I had a great suggestion that could work! The above plan could work if all parties involved are truthful and honorable. Unfortunately, I fear that sin rules in this situation in North Africa and the Middle East and until the world repents of their sin and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior I have my doubts the parties involved in the Middle East problems will be able to live in peace until Jesus Christ re-establishes His rule and reign in Jerusalem upon His return! Yeshua Hamashia!!!

10% of all profits and donations will be donated to charity.


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