Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord


While the world’s attention is rightfully on Japan’s melt down into fear and chaos and radioactive fallout Muammar Gadaffi takes his advantage to defeat the Libyan resistance. The G8 cannot come to an agreement on the “No Fly Zone” according to the Wall Street Journal’s article “Gadhafi Nears Benghazi as G-8 Drops ‘No-Fly’ Zone” and Mr. Obama sits on his laurels while my former mother-in-law, Amna, and sister-in-law, Jamilla, are in harms way somewhere in Ajdabiya,Libya, where Gadaffi’s goons are pillaging, killing, and destroying everything in their wake.

You know Mr. Obama you have family in Kenya. I wonder if you would be sitting on your laurels and not declare a “No Fly Zone” over Kenya if there was an evil butchering dictator there killing and maiming Kenyans? But Libyans we all know they are just Libyans and who cares diddly about them? I know you Mr. Obama don’t care about Libyans and I assure you more importantly they know you don’t care about them. You left it up to the world to decide what would happen to the Libyan resistance while you coward and waited to see what would happen before you came out on the side of your betrayal. You have given the them over to “the butcher”, Muammar Gadaffi and his butchering sons!!! You are complicit in this and that makes me wonder why you would do such a heinous evil thing to a small group of humble tribesmen who only want self sovereignty. I hope they can at least keep Benghazi free and be able to rule themselves there. It is going to be a blood bath when Gadaffi’s “Goon Squad” gets to Benghazi but Mr. Obama you already know that and don’t care.

I care about what is going on in Japan but I see and know that while the world is rightfully so focused on Japan Gadaffi is massacring the Libyans in the eastern side of Libya.

Mr. Obama you had a chance to win Libya not only to be a friend for the U.S. but also for them to befriend Israel as well! Words cannot express the disappointed I feel in your negligence in leadership of our nation. I am saddened for the Israeli’s and I mourn for the Libyans trying rid themselves of the vermin “butcher” Muammar Gadaffi and his vermin butcher sons.

I pray another nation will befriend the Libyan resistance and enforce the “No Fly Zone” over Libya. I pray the Lord Himself will intervene for the Libyan resistance’s freedom. The reason I take this stand is because I know the Libyans of the eastern side of Libya to be kind humble tribesman. Many of them were kind to me and I pray for their deliverance and salvation.

My prayers go out for the Japanese people this day as well and for their salvation, for the Libyan resistance,for their success. But most of all I pray for America who allows this travesty of justice against the Libyan resistance to go without challenge.

Lastly, I would like to remind the Libyan resistance that we Americans won our revolution against the British with a ragtag group of under supplied, underfed, even malnourished, freezing small number of patriots. Fight on dear Libyan resistance fighters, fight on, and I will encase your memory in simple words on my blog and to whoever will read my book A Way In The Wilderness And Streams In The Desert. And, I will pray to my God,Yehwah, through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, that you win your liberty and your freedom because you will allow all people to worship freely as the leader of the Benghazi council has stated on Al Jazeera.

Please remember we here at this website take prayer requests. I welcome any prayer requests from the Libyan resistance movement and from Japan. You can email them here to hope@judithward.net.

I debated with myself all day whether or not to actually post this blog after earlier today seeing in the news that the UN was drafting the “No Fly Zone” for Libya. But this evening it appears I should have posted it as Mr. Obama has “missed” the opportunity to win Libya for the U.S. and Israel so here goes.

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