Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Massacre! Day Two

This morning while Mr. Obama plays golf my family waits to hear if my children’s grandmother and aunt are alive as last night Gadaffi’s “goon squad” decimated Ajdabia, Libya.

And it won’t be long before he causes a bloodbath in Benghazi while the UN does nothing and Obama plays golf. I understand Americans not wanting to help Muslims I get that. But a bloodbath have we lost our humanity and our civility?

Not helping the Libyan resistance has emblazzoned “The Butcher, Gadaffi” and his butchering sons. He will only come back stronger once Mr. Obama comes in for his shower after his golf game this morning.

But my family waits to hear… I will post any results we find out just as soon as we find out… please pray for my former mother-in-law and sister-in-law they were good to me. The last I heard earlier this week they were staying in Ajdabia but we feel strongly they may have fled with the onslaught of Gadaffi’s “Butchering Goon Squad”.

10% of all profits and donations will be donated to charity.


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