Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Total Massacre Avoided For Now

As I checked on the news this morning I was relieved to see The Butcher of Benghazi and The Butcher’s Goon Squad pushed back at least for now.

My gravest concern is that The Butcher of Benghazi will find a financial supporter in a country that may not be sympathetic to the cause of the Libyan resistance. If that happens and The Butcher of Benghazi becomes supported with military supplies, parts, advice, and training than this conflagration could turn into World War III. I am sure The Butcher of Benghazi would be happy to accommodate the start of World War III.

My second gravest concern as I mentioned the other day is the Libyans who hate Israel so much that they want them annihilated. Those same Libyans whether living in the east or western side if Libya hate America and so much that they sent fighters to fight against us in Iraq. These same hateful people would think nothing of turning against us whether in Libya or within our own borders if they were living in the United States as many of them do.

I know personally Libyans who are like the head of the Benghazi City Council who truly want peace and will recognize Israel as a nation in order to secure peace in the Middle East as they are sick and tired of sacrificing the blood of their young men to a fight they cannot win. These same tribal leaders would love to live peacefully and constructively with America and the coalition countries as well. The problem is what are we to do with the Libyans and other Muslim Arabs who seek the destruction of Israel and America?

I call on Christians everywhere to pray with me this the day after Purim that the Lord Himself will once again, as I have seen Him do so many times before, step into the affairs of Libya to cause them to be at peace with themselves and their neighbors so that the apple of His eye, Israel, may remain safe and there can be peace once again in Jerusalem. I have seen the Lord do amazing things to protect me when I was in Libya as I have chronicled in my book A Way In The Wilderness And Streams In The Desert available directly from the publisher by clicking on the picture of the book on this page, I know He will protect His people Israel and anyone else who will call on His name, Yahweh, through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. If you do not know Him call on Him now He will deliver you.

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