Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

The Saga of Hannah and Sammy

Friday, June 10th

Hannah and Sammy

In the wee early morning hours Nessie woke me up barking frantically I stumbled from the bedroom to see what she was upset about. I hoped it was the mamma doe with her baby fawn feeding in the north woods stumbling to look out the back door. It was pitch dark and I really couldn’t see anything. I suspected Nessie’s barking had scared them driving them deeper into the woods.

I loved on Nessie for being such a good guard girl and stumbled back to my bed. A few minutes later she ran into the bedroom and told me, “Come quickly! There are strangers in our north woods!” I told her I knew and to lie down and let me sleep a little while longer I would see them in the morning.

Our Nessie is nocturnal anyway so it was clear she was going to have a wilder than normal night. She let me sleep a little while longer but posted herself at the back door as sentinel watching for her strange visitors.

When I got out of bed in the morning I prayed and asked the Lord how I was going to keep Nessie from scaring Hannah and Sammy. Those are the names I’ve given to the mamma doe and her fawn. Hannah after Hannah of old spoken of in the book of 1st Samuel chapters 1 and 2 in the Old Testament of the Bible and Sammy after Hannah’s first child who became the prophet Samuel. Since I don’t know if the little fawn is a little girl or boy I thought the name Sammy would work either way once the little gritter is old enough for us to tell its’ gender.

Just a while after praying low and behold there came Hannah strolling through the woods with baby Sammy not far behind scurrying to catch up to Mommy. They are so adorable and I am enjoying them so much!

Anyway, back to my story. So I asked the Lord how I could keep Nessie from scaring Hannah and Sammy? It was then the thought raced across my head that just maybe it was the Lord allowing Nessie to bark at them because her barking herded them deeper into the woods where they actually will be safer.

You see our pasture has a highway that runs in front of it and some businesses next to it where they have a small area for their employees to park behind their place of business so our woods has this pasture in front of it that gives anyone driving by on the highway a clear sight of the edge of the woods from the highway and from this small parking lot as well.

Hannah has been spending a lot of time on that edge of the woods which really makes her and Sammy more vulnerable to any nefarious person driving by.

I use the word nefarious because as I mentioned yesterday some of the other ranchers around us have had problems with evil poachers. I say evil because everyone knows you NEVER kill deer during the spring when they are calving and anyone who does is evil in my opinion.

I am touched by how the Lord uses natural events like Nessie’s barking to protect Hannah and Sammy. So I will trust the Lord to keep Hannah, Sammy, and Nessie all safe from poachers. Oh and me too!

Please pray with me for Hannah and Sammy’s protection from predators but particularly from poachers. Also, please keep Nessie and me in your prayers too for our protection from poachers as well as they are dangerous stupid people.

I understand hunting and the necessity of controlling the deer population but not during calving season. Furthermore, I definitely don’t understand shooting more than one needs to eat.

Keeping you posted on my two new friends…Judith

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