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It appears Safeway has adopted a “police state” mentality or at least the manager of a local Hawaii Safeway store  and the town’s local police department according to the above referenced Fox News story. 

One family, the Leszcznyski’s, who had just spent $50.00 on groceries but forgot to pay for two sandwiches totaling $5.00, according to what Nichole Leszcznyski told KHON Hawaii’s news station.  She and husband Marcin forgot to pay for the sandwiches when they, the father Marcin and mother Nichole who is 30 weeks pregnant I might add along with their three year old daughter.  The family had walked a long way to the store when upon arrival to the Safeway the mother Nichole felt faint and dizzy from the walk and need for something to eat. They purchased two sandwiches totaling a mere $5.00.  In the distraction of caring for pregnant Nichole they walked on purchasing other groceries but when they got ready to leave store security stopped them and asked for the receipt for the two sandwiches.  When they realized they had forgotten to pay for the sandwiches they offered to pay for them but that was not enough for Safeway’s store manager. 

No, the store manager “called the police” where child protective services kidnapped their precious three year old daughter.  I say kidnapped because they took the little girl from the parents against their wills and kept her with strangers in an unknown location for 18 hours.  Then they stuck Nichole in one cell and Marcin in another where 3o week pregnant Nichole spent a sleepless night pregnant and worried about her precious three year old daughter…

As I continued to read this news article it felt to me like I was reading about Romanian Christians who were abducted by the communist police and thrown in prison where their children were stolen from them and re-educated to believe that Jesus Christ is not Lord but that there is no God! 

The article tells the rest of the sordid details but in my opinion it appears Safeway has taken an unofficial  “police state policy” towards the very people who pay their wages, the American consumer Safeway customers!

Safeway has come back with some lame excuse after having tormented this poor young family.  Unless Safeway seriously and reimburses Mr and Mrs. Marcin Leszcznyski lets say by offering to pay for both of their children’s college educations, I for one will boycott shopping at Safeway and suggest others consider doing the same, otherwise, who will stand up for me or any of the rest of us should we ever find our liberty and pursuit of happiness threatened?  By the way I have no connection with the Leszcznyski in any capacity whatsoever or with Safeway (other than as a shopper and American consumer) other than having read the above referenced article on FoxNews.com.

I could’ve read this article and just quietly and privately boycotted Safeway which is exactly what I considered doing.  But then upon rethinking my own actions I came to the conclusion that if I, as an American citizen, don’t at least say something, then I too am handing over my own liberty over to any would be tyrants that would like to steal my own great liberty that  we Americans traditionally use to enjoy in this once great country of ours, The United States of America.

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