Judith Ward

Watchman for The Lord

Things I am Thankful For This Year 2011

“I love you Mommy.”
May I have your turkey?  


I have the privilege of living with the most precious puppy in the whole world!  She actually belongs to my friend who leaves her with me while he works.  My friend’s job is one that requires him to travel all of the time so Nessie stays with me while he is  working.

I could tell you about Nessie’s breed which would describe some of her awesome characteristics. Or I could tell you about her playful puppy attitude which never seems to cease, she is three years old so she is a puppy in the head only. 🙂 

I could tell you how she never wants me or her daddy to leave her.  She LOVES her peeps.  But that would only partially describe this dogs faithfulness and loyalty.  

Her breed is a guardian livestock breed. Many of her characteristics come from her breed.  But many of them come from the fact that her daddy kept her with him 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the first year she was a puppy and he loved on her profusely. I am convinced that is what has made her the love that she is.  Sort of reminds me of how the Lord does with us almost like a shepherd with his sheep. 

The difference here is that Nessie is no sheep, quite the contrary.  She is a fierce 100 pound guardian and will protect her charges to the death if need be whether you charge her with protecting sheep or whether she thinks one of us needs protecting.  That is why her breed is used to protect sheep from wolves.  

I could list all the many things I am thankful for: my children, my awesome parents and upbringing, warm home, warm healthy clean food and water, and this list goes on to eternity and is unending. But this Thanksgiving I am thankful for a loyal friend who sticks closer to me than a brother and that is this faithful loyal girl we call Nessie.   

The video at the end of this post reminds me of Nessie not in the way Nessie looks, not at all, but in the way Nessie is so loyal.  The precious pup in this video loves his master so much he never wants to leave his side even when his master died.  Nessie is much like that and her dream is that my friend, her daddy, and I would always be by her side.  She is a treat to live with. 

I hope you enjoy the video and your Thanksgiving! God Bless you for taking the time to stop by to read this simple posting and God Bless you and yours this Thanksgiving… Judith

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